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            2020-21 APPLICATIONS for 8th GRADERS 


            Applications are available on the following link:


            COMING SOON




            2019-20 APPLICATIONS - GRADES 9th-12th


            Applications are available on the following link:


            2019-20 APPLICATION 


            - or through our facebook page:


            Valley Pathways Facebook



            1920 App







          • Bullying/Harassment - Not in our house!


            Pathways is a place where students come to get away from the drama, bullying, and bad behavior.  We have a family type environment where we respect and care for each other.  We do not use put downs, post embarrassing pictures on social media, make rude comments/threats, or cause people to feel unwelcomed or uncomfortable at our school. 


            You can help by submitting a 全明星彩票首页BULLY/HARASSMENT FORM that will be sent to Mr. Wanser.  This is your chance to stop bad behavior and bullying in our school.


            As always, thank you for coming to me with your concerns and trusting that I will find a solution.


            Mr. Wanser


          • James Wanser - Principal
            Phone: 907-761-4650
            Email: Jim.Wanser@matsuk12.us
            Kelly Sidebottom - Administrative Secretary
            Phone: 907-761-4650
            Email: Kelly.Sidebottom@matsuk12.us

            Mary Ann Regan - Guidance Counselor 

            Kelsey Kraemer - AWARE Counselor

            Kristin Sullivan - Nurse 

            Connie Vereide - Registrar

            Amy Gayman - Reception


            1150 N France Road

            Palmer, Alaska 99645

            Phone: 907-761-4650

            Fax: 907-761-4680

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